Volume 4, Issue 7
July, 2013

     Editor’s Comments: I would like to do some individual interviews with our club members concerning your beginning involvement with the hobby of metal detecting for the newsletter. If you are willing to share your successes or failures, you can contact me at the club meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 27th to set up a time and date.

     The members-only club hunt is coming up Saturday, September 28th. Both Gary and Steve are hard at work rounding up some very nice prizes. Please register ($35) at our Tuesday meeting.

     Note: Most of the prizes were donated from Essex Detector Sales (Jay Brown), Taylor’s Detectors (Bob Taylor) and Battlefield Detectors (Bob Digulimio). Those prizes will include the dealer’s name, their business card and prize description. Should you win any of these prizes at the club hunt, it would go a long way in future prize requests and discounts if you sent a quick thank you note to them.

     Treasurer’s Report as of the July meeting: $ 1,300.00

     In return for various donations to the Maryland Free-State Treasure Club you get:

$20 donation – M.F.S.T.C. T-Shirt
$5 donation – M.F.S.T.C. club patch
$5 donation – M.F.S.T.C. bumper sticker

     Steve and Gary are still looking for an alternate meeting location suitable for the membership. As always, your input is welcome.

     Steve last reported on the Howard County park permit system that no details have been forwarded back to the club as to date.

    Our September 24th meeting will be the Club’s Cash Auction. So bring it in to sell or bring some cash to buy it.

     Melvin Marshall has requested the membership to bring in some magazines and books to the next meeting for the veterans and their wives to be placed in waiting rooms at veteran’s hospitals and clinics. I personally propose we do a magazine and book drive quarterly. Note: The Harford County Library gives way donated and last year’s magazines for free and used books (cheap).

     As our club has lots of treasure magazines, I propose placing a Maryland Free-State Treasure Club label on each before donating them. I personally distribute magazines, our business card, and those super market tear-off strips that Steve made up.

     Bud Lamb just finished removing my personal library display in Aberdeen, which contained a mix of civil war items, books and relics in addition to land and water metal detecting and club contact information.

     Chris Wisnom Stood up and gave the club a very interesting summary of her trip to New York State.

The 6:30 pm mini hunt results:

First Place: Ron Long 36 coins (and 5 gum wrappers)
Second Place: Bill Wise: 24 coins
Third Place: Olivia Cornwell: 21 coins
Honorable Mention: Danny Beaver 7 coins

Due to a misfiling error on my part, the July contest results will be published in the August newsletter.

C.U. Later Alvin Bud Lamb