Volume 5, Issue 1
January, 2014

Maryland Free-State Treasure Club Meeting Minutes, January 30 , 2014. The meeting was conducted at the Victory Villa Community Center, 404 Compass Rd., Baltimore, MD 21220 410-887-0258. Submitted by Robert Darretta, filling in for Christine Wisnom, secretary.

Call to Order: At 7:45 P.M. the meeting was called to order by the Treasurer, Mr. Steve Cunningham, filling in for Mr. Gary Pennington, President, who was absent. Mr. Howard Shettle, Vice President, was busy with the display board until after the mid-meeting break. Our late start resulted in many members renewing their memberships and wanting a club stamp for the 2014 Baltimore City permit.

New members: The M.F.S.T.C welcomes  Laura Gerhart (who mailed in her application), Nancy Sommer (new to the hobby and enthusiastic), Stephen Myers (been detecting on and off for years), Don Mueller (from PA but will be moving to Baltimore soon), Tony Kulesza (experienced and ready to join us on hunts), Andy Cooper (a few years into the hobby and showed us some impressive finds) , Doug Frantz (a veteran at hunting local parks), and Bradley Johns (also a veteran detectorist) and their families.

Guests: George Hendley and his son Cameron, Robert Baranowski and Grace Mudrick attended our meeting as guests. 

Attendance: 41 members, new members, family members and guests attended the January 30th meeting.

Treasurers Report: Mr. Cunningham conveyed the M.F.S.T.C. has $1104.89 in the bank and $320.22 in petty cash in wrapped coins and bills. The M.F.S.T.C. currently has an account balance of $285.71 in the Recreation and Parks account.

Club Hunt: Steve Cunningham, our hunt chairman, announced an official club hunt for February 15 at Druid Hill Park starting at 10 AM. Details may be found on our website under [Club Hunts].

New BusinessSteve Cunningham proposed the idea of having a club coin produced. Gary Pennington originally proposed the idea to Steve. The cost would be around $1000 to buy 500 custom coins printed with our website info and other information about our club. The idea is to bury the coins in parks as a form of advertising. A photo concept of the idea was passed around for inspection. Alvin “Bud” Lamb proposed the idea of waiting three months to vote on the idea so members who did not attend the meeting could be informed. The coin would be gold colored and the size of a silver dollar.

Photographs: Frank Silva was busy taking photographs of our members to upload to our soon to be released “Members Only” page. When available, the “Members Only” page will be a good resource for identifying other members and a means to contact members for hunts. The page will be available sometime in March.

Dealer information: Bob Taylor, our resident dealer from Taylor Metal Detectors, announce a new Electroscope locater that is not on the market yet, enhancements of the Garrett AT series and the makers of Electroscope are to give a talk at our March meeting.

Hunting Idea: Charles Brandnder had read an idea of detecting under playground slides where homeless people might take refuge during rainy spells.

Annual Membership Dues: Each January and February marks the date of our annual membership dues. The nominal fee of $25.00 per primary member is required. If you are already a member, you need not fill out the application for membership again. Instead, your name will be checked on our renewal sheet and transferred to the membership spreadsheet. Please see Steve Cunningham with your annual dues.  Payment may be made at the meeting or by mailing a check payable to "Maryland Free-State Treasure Club" to: Steve Cunningham, 4900 Walther Ave, Baltimore, MD 21214. Your payment will be noted on the renewal sheet. New membership cards will be distributed the following month.

M.F.S.T.C. Yearly Treasure Hunt: We reiterated that our treasure hunt this year will be an “open” hunt meaning open to the general public, as opposed to a “closed” hunt which is meant for members only. Dave Miller volunteered to help in any capacity. A date has not yet been chosen.

Other Open Hunts: Two large open hunts were announced: The East Coast Research and Discovery Association “Cinco en Mayo" treasure hunt, and the Minelab International Metal Detecting Day.  Information about these hunts and others may be found on our website under [Club Hunts].

Monthly Giveaway: It was announce that Lost Treasure Magazine is promoting a monthly metal detector giveaway sweepstakes. Lost Treasure Magazine can be found on the Internet.

Monthly Hunt: On Sunday, January 12, our impromptu hunt was attended by Nancy Jelich, Frank Silva, Mike Stinemire, Bud Lamb, Leo Pollock, Bill Hill, Gary Pennington, George Venker and Steve Cunningham. Despite the cold weather, our official January club hunt held on the 18th was attended by Nancy Jelich, Dave Miller, John Manzari, Rick Pack, Bill Wise, Trevor Hugunin (with Dawn, Dave and McKenzie), Leo Pollock, Steve Cunningham and two potentially new members, Don Mueller and George Hendley, who have since joined the club.

Impromptu Hunt February: We also had an impromptu hunt February 1st and 2nd at. The ground was still frozen about 2-inches deep which slowed recovery time. Once past the icy ground the soil was loose and clumpy. In attendance on one or both days were Kathy Pine, Frank Silva, Brad Johns, Andy Cooper, Frank Ziemski, Bill Hill, Leo Pollock, George Hendley, John Manzari, George Venker, Gary Pennington, Steve Cunningham and Doug Frantz. Mike and Brian Mathias and Lance Griffin (all three from the Maryland Artifact Recovery Society) also joined us.

Finds: To view the finds that our members are unearthing visit "Photos" on our website.

Display Board Winners:
Coins: First- William Hill, second- Dave Denkenberger, third- Howard Shettle.
Relics: Leo Pollock took first and William Hill took second.
Club favorite – Bill Wise won with a bar of lead stamped with the manufacturers name.

50-50 Drawing: Robert Darretta won the drawing pocketing $68.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM. The next meeting will be held on February 27, 2014.

See you there,