Maryland Free-State Treasure Club
Volume 5, Issue 11
November 2014

New Meeting Time Starting January *  XP Deus Raffle * M.F.S.T.C.Trash Aprons *
Permit Clarification * Meet the Members * New Fisher F-75 LTD * Members Only Hunt
 Next Meeting December 18 - Pot Luck Party *

Maryland Free-State Treasure Club Meeting Minutes, November 20, 2014: The meeting was conducted at the Victory Villa Community Center, 404 Compass Rd., Baltimore, MD 21220, 410-887-0258. Minutes were submitted by Dave Miller.

Call to Order: At 8:14 PM the meeting was called to order by the President, Mr. Gary Pennington. Gary introduced the club officers; Howard Shettle, vice president (who also oversees the display board); Steve Cunningham, treasurer; and Dave Miller, secretary.

Treasurers Report: Mr. Cunningham reported the M.F.S.T.C. has $4173.77 in the bank and $196.72 in petty cash in coins and bills. Gary Pennington reports the M.F.S.T.C. currently has an account balance of $185.00 in the Recreation and Parks account.

Attendance: Brad Johns reported 35 attendees at our October meeting: 29 primary members; 4 guests; and 2 family members.

Free Raffle Tickets: Every attendee to our monthly meetings gets a raffle ticket for one of three silver coins just for showing up!

Refreshment Committee: The M.F.S.T.C. club provides sodas and pastries.

Raffles: Bill Hill and Leo Pollock manned the silver round and 50-50 raffle tickets and kept track of the accounting.

Merchandise: Olivia Cornwell, our merchandise sales attendant, kept track of our t-shirts, club patches, bumper stickers, gloves and various donated items we offer in return for monetary donations to our club. She sold two club patches and a set of gloves. Olivia also helped with our auction.

New Meeting Time: Rejoice! Starting in January, 2015, our permanent meeting time and room will change. We will be meeting in the back two rooms at 7:00 PM. Hurray! Family friendly time and plenty of room. We will still meet the last Thursday of every month.

Trash Aprons: Those members who need a means to hold their dug up trash may pick up a free Maryland Free-State Treasure Club nail apron at our meetings. Nancy Sommer had these high-quality aprons made for our club. They feature our fashionable club logo. 

XP Deus Metal Detector (or $1000 cash) Raffle: The drawing will be at our December 18 meeting. Last minute tickets will still be available for purchase before the drawing.

Taylor Detectors: Member Bob Taylor, present with his wife, Lee, announced the arrival of the new Fisher F-75 LTD which promises to have better target discrimination and a deep seeking signal. Fisher is also running a promotion on the hefty 15" search coil. Bob also talked about the upcoming underwater pinpointer coming in January. Bob will be selling them for $125.

Club Outing November 15: Despite the cold weather, attendees found Indian head pennies, V-nickels, silver jewelry, WWI buttons and more. The ground was easy to dig and the soil was black. It was undisturbed with no fill dirt. Though junk targets were present, they were not problematic.

Permit Department: Gary Pennington and Steve Cunningham met with Francesca Spero, Cortney Weinstock and Anitia James of the permit department at the Recreation and Parks building on East Street to discuss the permit application and metal detecting rules for Baltimore City parks. Among the items we cleared up are: One need only submit a previous permit and a $25 money order to renew a metal detecting permit; specially made metal detecting shovels might be allowed; and we are tasked with rewriting the permit application to clear up some of the wording.
Meet the Members: Kurt Franz, a Baltimore City firefighter for 13 years, is passionate about metal detecting and fishing during his time off when he's not spending time with his two children. Lured by stories of lost treasure as a child, he kept his eyes on the ground looking for dropped money.
     Kurt's father would take him fossil shark-tooth hunting along the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River. At age 14, Kurt had saved enough money to buy a White's Spectrum XLT metal detector and hunted his neighborhood and nearby parks with a close friend. Eventually they both needed jobs and cars, leaving hobbies behind.
     Just last year Kurt dusted off his detector and started detecting again. He chanced upon member George Venker in a local park who inspired him to buy a Garrett AT Pro. He went online to learn all about the AT Pro and since has become one of our club's most successful detectorists and regularly wins both the coin and relic contests for best finds.

November Program: Thank you all who donated items for this yearly event. Gary Pennington and his granddaughter, Olivia Cornwell, officiated our Club Auction 2014 with zest. They auctioned variety of member-donated goods from little jewelry boxes to hefty axes. Some valuable items were auctioned for pennies on the dollar. George Venker took photos of the event which are on our website under Photos>Club Meetings 2014.

Trash Drive: Many thanks to those who continue to bring in their dug up junk. We're amassing a large volume to display in the spring. Keep bringing it in.

Display Board: Howard Shettle, our vice president, announced the winners of our November display board contest as follows: Brad Johns took first in the coin contest followed by Kurt Franz and Kyle Arey respectively. Kurt Franz took first in the relic contest followed by Leo Pollock. Kurt Franz won the Club Favorite with an antique pictogram wax seal.

Adjournment: The November 20 meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM when members helped stow the folding chairs and tables.

Next meeting: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18 at 8:00 PM for our annual holiday potluck party.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.