Maryland Free-State Treasure Club
Volume 6, Issue 1
January 2015

NOTE: Remember our new meeting time - 7:00 PM in the back two rooms beyond the auditorium and to the left. This is our new permanent time and place.

Our January 29, 2015 meeting was canceled due to a winter advisory.

Membership Dues: $25 membership dues are due January - March. After the March meeting, unpaid members will be dropped from the Roster. To mail in your dues, make check payable to "Maryland Free-State Treasure Club" or "M.F.S.T.C." and mail to Steve Cunningham, 4900 Walther Ave., Baltimore, MD 21214.

New City Permit Rules Effective January: Steve Cunningham and Gary Pennington received permission from the city recreation and parks permit authority to re-write the permit rules with clearer wording. In addition to wording issues, they argued three major additions to the rules: 1) a permit holder in good standing may invite a guest of any age as long as the permit holder takes responsibility for the guest's actions; 2) the use of all-metal shovels made specifically for metal detecting are now allowed. Disallowed shovels include common shovels, long wooden- handled shovels, entrenching tools, or any shovel not made specifically for metal detecting; 3) We may now legally dig to a depth of 8-inches instead of 6-inches. Steve and Gary argued that shallow plugs are more likely to break apart and that modern detectors can detect deeper targets; 4) To renew a permit one need only tender the expired permit and $25 money order to the city recreation and parks offices- no additional paperwork.

These are only a few of the additions or changes to the permit rules. Please download and read the new rules for a more in-depth understanding of these points and others. The new permit application and rules may be found on our website under "Permits."

Important Permit Note: Metal detecting permit rules are seldom read and understood by rangers or individual park managers. They probably don't even have a copy. IT IS IMPORTANT TO CARRY A COPY OF THE RULES IN YOUR CAR IN CASE YOU HAVE TO POLITELY EDUCATE THEM.

Contest Board and Trash Tub: The Contest Board will be in full swing at our February meeting. You may being your best finds from December, January and February for a chance to win the silver. The trash tub will be available for all the junk you dug trying to find something for the contest board.

Caches Recovered : Bud Lamb and Sonny Stewart answered a call to find possible silver and gold coins that were reportedly buried in a yard by the client's father before his death. It was a small yard and two great signals were detected in different areas by Sonny. Bud Lamb helped dig the holes to a whopping two-feet depth and, sure enough, they found two paint cans with visible silver coins in the holes. Instead of recovering the cans, Sonny and Bud were responsible enough to repair the holes and marked them with rocks for the client to recover at his leisure. The question remains: How many of these containers hide beneath the turf in any given yard to await discovery?

Members' Videos: Gary Pennington and Kurt Franz have uploaded a series of videos that are worth watching. They are found in the "Media" link on the M.F.S.T.C. website.

Club Outing January 11: This hunt was canceled due to frozen ground. We discourage digging in frozen grassy areas as the soil is almost impossible to repair.

Next meeting: THURSDAY, February 26 at 7:00 PM in the back two rooms beyond the auditorium and to the left. (Pray there is no winter advisory)