Maryland Free-State Treasure Club
Volume 3, Issue 6
June 2015

Parks Closed July and August * October Treasure Hunts * Need Volunteers *
Minelab Go-Find * Fisher F75 LTD * Beach Detecting * And More

Maryland Free-State Treasure Club Meeting Minutes, June 25, 2015: The meeting was conducted at the Victory Villa Community Center, 404 Compass Rd., Baltimore, MD 21220, 410-887-0258. Minutes were submitted by Dave Miller.

Call to Order: At 7:08 p.m. the meeting was called to order by the President, Mr. Gary Pennington. Gary introduced the club officers; Howard Shettle, vice president (who also oversees the Contest Board); Steve Cunningham, treasurer; Dave Miller, secretary; and Ms. Nichole Venker as our club meeting photographer.

Treasurers Report: Mr. Cunningham reported the M.F.S.T.C. has $2593.94 in the bank and $196.72 petty cash in coins and bills. Gary Pennington reports the M.F.S.T.C. currently has an account balance of $376.00 in the Recreation and Parks account.

Free Raffle Tickets: Every attendee to our monthly meetings gets a raffle ticket for one of three silver coins just for showing up! This month the door prizes went to John Curtis, Bob Taylor, Bill Wachter, Nancy Jelich and Howard Shettle.

Refreshments: The Stinemire family had on hand another fine meal of sloppy Joes, homemade beans, vegetables, fruits, cookies, candy, chips, soft drinks, etc. Very nutritious.

Raffles: Bill Hill and Leo Pollock managed the silver round and 50-50 raffle tickets at break time. Nancy Jelich won the 50-50 and Kurt Franz won the silver round.

Merchandise Table: Gina Stinemire and Olivia Cornwell oversaw sales of bumper stickers, t-shirts, patches and gloves.

Swap and Sell: The swap-and-sell table, manned by George Venker is becoming more successful with every passing meeting. This is for metal detecting related items only. Bring in anything you want to swap or sell.

Reminder: Remember that the city parks are closed to metal detecting for the months of July and August. These are typically drought months as well as summer activity time in the parks. County parks are open as well as private property if you get permission. Try your hand at practicing beach hunting in preparation for the open competition hunts coming up.

Open Hunt October 11: An appeal was made to our members to help volunteer for our open hunt in October. Whether registering for the hunt or not, as many volunteers as possible would be appreciated. The day goes very fast and details are difficult to handle with too few volunteers. Several members volunteered to help with setting up, carrying items from cars, lunch, bringing tables and display cases and being ready to help in various other aspects. Please contact Gary or Steve if you can spend a few hours with us.

Meet the Member: Nancy Jelich had her first metal detecting experience at the age of 14 while vacationing in Bermuda: she found a spoon and bottles with marbles. For the last several years she has been detecting a property in the Shenandoah Valley. She has found colonial artifacts, interesting old coins and military artifacts which leads her to believe there was a Revolutionary War military camp on the property. Nancy is no stranger to the city and county parks and has developed into a knowledgeable and tenacious detectorist.

Minelab Go-Find: Bob Taylor, of Taylor Metal Detectors who brings merchandise from his shop for sale at our meetings, gave us some detail on the affordable Minelab Go-find detectors: lightweight, portable and ready to go. The model 20, which retails for $179 is primarily meant for children. The model 40, which retails for $202 has three operating modes while the model 60 (retail $309) has 4 operation modes and is closer to a toss-in-the-trunk machine for the more serious detectorist.

Coin-Club Award of Appreciation: Bob also presented Mike and Gina Stinemire with a certificate of appreciation from the Bel Mar Coin Club for volunteering at the recent Bel Mar coin show.

Club Appreciation: Bud Lamb presented a Whitman presentation coin holder with new coins ranging from penny to half-dollar to Gary Pennington, Howard Shettle and Steve Cunningham for their hard work in the M.F.S.T.C. club. It was an unexpected and very nice gesture which was well-appreciated.

June Program - Fisher F75 LTD: Brad Johns presented and demonstrated the Fisher F75 LTD detector. Though somewhat complicated, Brad walked us through the settings and recommended some settings over others. He pointed out one or two settings that he did not recommend. Ground balancing is easy and quick with the F75 LTD and EMI interference is at a minimum with the upgraded model (made after 2014). Brad revealed the "chattiness" of the machine and recommended various ways of overcoming the multiple sounds coming through the earphones to prevent ear fatigue. He has not tested the detector at the beach yet. Brad has had terrific success with the machine and recommends it for the serious detector.

June Program - Beach Detecting: Gary Pennington, with the help of Howard Shettle, demonstrated various techniques for beach detecting. They recommended either the Minelab Excalibur II or the White's Beach Hunter detectors. Various scoops and accessories were shown including a scoop Gary made himself from a cheap horse-feed scoop in which he drilled numerous holes. Bud Lamb piped in with a recommendation of hunting high tide to low tide for the best results.

Club Outing for June: Our June outing never materialized due to unseasonably hot weather.

Contest Board Winners: Contest Board, "Leg-of-Gold," and Find of the Year rules are linked from the home page of our website.
Coins: 1st: Andy Cooper; 2nd place tie: Dave Franz, John Curtis.
Relics: 1st: John Curtis.
Club Favorite: Brad Johns for his Indian grinder.
Leg-of-Gold: Bill Hill.

Adjournment: The June 25th meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. when members helped stow the folding chairs and tables.

Next meeting: Thursday, July 30 at 7:00 p.m. (Mini hunt starts at 6:30 p.m. outside weather permitting) June program: TBA