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Clean your Coil Cover

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    If you use a search coil cover, remove and clean it often.

     The coil, or loop, is the most important component of your metal detector and is very sensitive. The coil and cover should be as clean to prevent highly conductive salts or ferrous minerals from effecting your readings.

     Even in grassy soil, sand and dirt will work its way into the cover basin which might effect your ground balance.

     Keeping the coil cover clean is particularly important for beach hunting because of the conductive salts associated with sand. After spending a few hours detecting on a saltwater beach, the cover basin can collect a significant amount of the conductive sand.

     Some detectorists bypass the coil cover and spray a tough coating of plastic or other guard material on the bottom of the coil, while others use silicone or other sealant around the edge of the cover to keep dirt or sand from getting into the basin.

     A few detectorists don't bother with a coil cover and claim they've never worn out the coil. That's chancy when coils cost around $250.