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Heat Exhaustion

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Preventing Heat Exhaustion

     Exerting when swinging a metal detector, stooping, digging and standing can help tire the body more rapidly than normal on hot summer days, especially in fields without shade. High humidity prevents the evaporation necessary to help cool the body. Detectorists over 50-years of age may be more susceptible.

     Symptoms of heat exhaustion include headache, extreme fatigue, muscle soreness, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, profuse sweating, fainting and confusion.

     Detecting in hot conditions requires precautions that, if followed, can make the difference between a successful day and heat exhaustion – or worse.

* Avoid direct sun between noon and 3:00 PM.
* Slow down.
* Carry a canteen filled with ice and water.
* Drink often.
* Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages.
* Have extra water in the car.
* Rest often.
* Don’t wander too far from your car’s AC.
* An ice pack applied to the inside of the wrists and neck can help cool the body quickly.
* Bring a cooler filled with ice.
* Use sun block.
* Snacks will replenish energy.