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Hot Summer Days

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Metal Detecting on Hot Summer Days

     When metal detecting in the heat of summer, bring along plenty of water to rehydrate and a sports drink or two to replace electrolytes. Otherwise you may be too weak to enjoy the hobby.

     Hot summer days can deplete your energy quickly. Water, electrolytes, protein, vitamin C and other important salts and minerals are lost through perspiration.

     The electrolytes lost through sweating are mostly sodium and potassium but include a host of other salts and minerals which keep our bodies in balance. Certain sweat glands, such as in the armpits, will carry protein, ureic acid, metabolic wastes and vitamin C out of the body.

     The effect of sweating too much is similar to a bad case of diarrhea: we feel week and depleated.

     To replace necessary salts and minerals, there are numerous sports drinks available, such as Gatorade, manufactured specifically to replace lost electrolytes.