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Learning Your Metal Detector

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Understanding Your Detector is Very Important

     Reading the manual of your metal detector and watching videos, if included, gives you a good understanding of how the machine works. But targets don’t always behave in the real world.

    For instance, manuals will tell you to look for the VDI (Visual Display Indicator), or sound of, say, a clad quarter. The manual might state 83 for the VDI or a very high pitch sound. However, clad quarter readings sometimes display a range of numbers or sounds.

     If a quarter has a bit of trash or highly mineralized soil nearby, the detctor might not be able to reliably discriminate between them. The VDI might display anything from low iron to 82, or the sound might sound good with one pass and bad with another. Learning the personality of your detector will help you decide whether or not to dig questionable targets.

     Learning your metal detector involves, of course, practice. Some claim 100 hours is suffient to know the ins-and-outs and all of the adjustments. Digging a wide variety of targets will help determine which range of VDI numbers to look for and what not to dig.

     Always repair your holes.