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Metal Detecting

Mistakes Often Made by Detectorists

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Mistakes Often Made By Detecorists

Misuse of the Search Coil
      While swinging the search coil of your detector, it is important to keep it as close to the ground as possible. Think of it as though vacuuming or applying icing on a cake.
      Swinging the search coil in an upward arc from side-to-side, similar to a scythe, several inches or more above the ground will lead to less depth detection which translates to lost targets.

Losing Nuts and Bolts
      Tighten all of the nuts and screws on your detector frequently. Tighten the female connector that accepts the headphones. Tighten the thumbscrew that attaches the search coil. Tighten the thumb screws that attach the arm cuff, if present.

Advancing Too Fast
      Walking too fast while detecting will cause the search coil to form an imaginary side-to-side zigzag pattern along your path, missing much of the ground. More experienced detectorists will follow you and find missed targets. Embarrassing!

Not Checking For Additional Targets
      Don’t just move on once a target is recovered and the hole repaired. Instead, sweep the area again for additional targets your pinpointer missed. This is especially important if you don’t find any targets in a pinpointed area. Countless targets are missed without rechecking.

Not Knowing Your Boundaries
      If you wander into federally or state-owned property, or other adjacent land, you may get a repremand or worse. Some rangers will issue you a costly ticket and confiscate your detector.