Maryland Free-State Treasure Club

Proper Use of a Pinpointer

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While watching detectorists from our club, from beginners to pros, try to locate their targets after lifting a plug, they immediately yank out their pinpointers and start digging with the tip. OUCH!

Prodding through compact soil with the tip of the pinpointer is a fast way to damage it. Imagine soil as course sandpaper with rocks added.

Pushing against the soil with the tip will often cause it to beep. This is called "falsing" and it might cause the detectorist to start digging with the tip again.

Another observation is searching the hole too fast with the pinpointer. If the target is giving off a feint signal because of its depth, you'll never know it's there if you whip the tip around too fast.

Conclusion: Treat your pinpointer with respect - it's a sensitive device. Loosen the soil with your digging tool before you reach for the pinpointer. Prod the loose soil gently and slowly but never dig with it. Don't push the tip against hard soil.

Oh, and carry an extra battery in your pocket. Pinpointers can act pretty whacky when they're low on juice.