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Removing a Stuck Coil Cover

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How to Remove a Stuck Cover

     Unplug the wire and remove the tube and coil from your detector to make the job easier to manage.

     Get the seam between coil and cover wet with hot water. Carefully warm the cover with a hair dryer.

     Now pry the cover with your fingernails working your way around. Keep it wet. Don't pull on the tube or you might snap off one of the tube channels on the coil. Instead, use the center of the coil as a fulcrum as you pry. Keep warming the cover.

     If this doesn't work, wedge a very thin-tipped screwdriver or a thin piece of plastic between the coil and cover. Carefully work it all the way around the outside of the coil to loosen the cement-like grit. Don' pry with the screwdriver or you might chip the cover which will allow more dirt to enter the next time you hunt.

      It might take awhile to coax a recalcitrant cover from the coil without damaging it.