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Avoiding Spiders, Snakes and Ticks

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Spiders, Ticks and snakes, OH, MY.

     Many park and relic detectorists will turn to the beach or relinquish metal detecting altogether during summer months. Heat and humidity are the primary reasons, but many wish to avoid the dangers involved in undeveloped areas; poisonous spiders and snakes, ticks, gnats and mosquitoes, carnivores, heat exhaustion and injury. Often, these dangers are exaggerated and each perceived threat should be considered carefully.

* To avoid poisonous snakes and spiders, stay away from piles of debris such as wood or rock piles.

* Gnats, mosquitoes and other flying insects are easily repelled by any number of products that contain DEET.

* Ticks are no match for products such as Permethrin. Pants, shoes, socks and t-shirts are soaked with the product and worn after drying.

* Carnivores are afraid of humans but detecting with a partner will assuage the fear of attack.

* Heat exhaustion is avoided by drinking lots of water and resting frequently.

* Be prepared with some moist wipe packets, Band-Aids, antibacterial cream and gauze for the occasional scratch or cut.