Maryland Free-State Treasure Club

Tools of Metal Detecting

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Things You Need or Metal Detecting

The tools of metal detecting include an array of useful products depending in the type if detecting you do.

In addition to your metal detector, you need;

Manual pinpointer - to find your target
Comfortable boots or shoes
Knee pads
Wide belt to hold pouches and holsters
A large apron to accomodate Treasures and Trash
Metal detecting shovel
Sand scoop for the beach
Strong digging tool or trowel for land
Cloth or other barrier for excavated soil
First-aid kit

Additional Equipment
Back up detector
Extra batteries
Extra water
Small compartmented box for delicate finds
Old tennis shoes and shorts for streams and rivers
Tick repellent
Bug spray
Sun block
Sports drinks
Small shovel for relic hunting
Pruners to cut thorn vines
Cell phone pouch
Ice-filled cooler for hot days
Cover or shower cap for detector’s component boxes in case of rain