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The Sad Truth About Unfilled holes

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Always Repair Your Digs and Carry Trash Out

     Most experienced detectorists have seen unrepaired holes that have been dug by careless metal hunters. Mounds of dirt and holes that become tripping hazards are somewhat common in land detecting. You might even see a trash target laying next to the hole.

     This amounts to nothing less than vandalism.

     But why? It doesn’t take but a moment to kick the dirt back into a hole or repair a flap of grass. And trash targets are easy to slip into a pouch.

     Perhaps some metal hunters are lazy or in an inconsiderate hurry. Careless behavior may be a result of insufficient training.

     Regardless of the reason, poor digging techniques give the hobby a bad name. Permission to metal detect may be eventually denied as a result of obvious and numerous unrepaired holes.

     One solution to this problem is for conscientious detectorists to repair holes left by others. When a detecotrist is sighted who doesn’t repair a dig, complain, or demonstrate proper target recovery.

     If proper target recovery is practiced by all, more counties and parks will become available as well as permission from private property owners.