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What's On Your Feet?

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     Most boots and shoes made today employ metal in the eyelets, toes, nails, etc. Tennis shoes are often metal-free but expose the ankles to cold and damp conditions and whatever seems to grab your socks in tall grass or weeds. They're not suitable for rugged terrain.

     You might consider investing in a pair of waterproof, metal-free lightweight boots to avoid your footwear being picked up by the search coil of your detector. After all, your feet are the closest part of the body to the search coil, especially if the overall length the the detector is short, bringing the search coil closer to your footwear.

     The magnetic field of a search coil encircles the outside loop in cross section. Since the search coil is circular or oblong, the magnetic field in concentrated in the center and weaker on the outside as the distance increases.

     But magnetic fields don't radiate straight down or up. They encircle the loop in cross section and radiate out in all directions as they get weaker.

     Search coils are also very sensitive and can pick up very feint signals. Make sure your detector is not responding to any metal in your footwear.

     While looking for metal-free footwear, bring your pinpointer just to be sure.