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The M.F.S.T.C. Open Treasure Hunt 2014
Sunday, October 12 at Sandy Point State Park

Was a day to remember!
Beautiful weather; a wonderful crowd; sand full of loot; raffles;
and the hot dogs, drinks and snacks flew out of the galley.

Thank you all for making it such a fun day!

The metal detecting community really shined this day with cooperation, comradery and laughter. Thank you to those who helped us glide through the day effortlessly!

See Photos and Movie - Click here

List of Registrants

Absher Jeff
Anderson Sandra
Anderson William
Beall Wayne
Beard Patrick
Beavers Danny
Beresford Gene
Beresford James
Brandner Charles
Burgee Edward
Burns Terry
Carper Bill
Cooper Andy
Cornwell Abby (8)
Cornwell Olivia (10)
Errickson Derek
Errickson Theresa
Finn Ina
Fonner Charles
Franz David
Franz Kurt
Franz Nicholas
Genora Attilio
German Greg
Green Brian
Guidetti Sandra
Guidetti Keith
Harness Jazzmyn (8)
Harness Rodney
Hill William
Jelich Nancy
Johns Brad
Johnson Dean
Jones Bob
Kelley Rea
Kolocotronis Philip
Lamb Alvin
Leavers Brandon
Lokey Steve
Luck Andrew
Manzari John
McCall Jerry
McCullough Mike
McMannis Gene
Meanor Dwayne
Means Paul
Meier Al
Miller Dave
Pollock Leo
Pringle William
Ramberg Bill
Raubach Donald
Rigney Douglas
Rigney Connor (12)
Saudino Paul
Shettle Howard
Silerberg Mathew (10)
Silva Frank
Sommer Nancy
Stein Gary
Stein Tara
Stienmire Mike
Stienmire Gina   (12)
Stienmire Renate
Stich Howard
Stowers William
Taylor Timothy
Truitt Bob
Vice John
Wagner Jim
Wetzelberger Ambrose
Wise Bill
Ziemski Frank


Click each page and print the following registration and rules forms
(PDF files - 2 separate pages)

Open Hunt 2014

Open Hunt 2014


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Additional Prize

John Curtis

Steve Cunningham

Bob Taylor