Maryland Free-State Treasure Club

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Photos of Club Outings 2015


May 23, 2015
Group photo
Photos by Kurt Franz
Brad Johns
Colonial button, Standing liberty quarter
Photo: Brad Johns
Bill Hill
Bill Hill - flat button
Museum Keepers
Set aside for the museum

Kurt Franz - brooch
Clock Key
Kurt Franz - clock key
Crotal bell
Andy Cooper - Crotal bell
Cooper's finds
Andy Cooper's coin finds
D buckle
Kurt Franz - d-buckle
Good luck token
Kurt Franz - good luck token
Good luck token reverse
Kurt Franz - good luck token reverse
King George coin
Kurt Franz - King George Coin
King George coin reverse
Kurt Franz - King George Coin reverse
Cloak button
Leo Pollock - cloak button
Hibernia coin
Leo Pollock - hibernia coin
Old flat button
Kurt Franz - really old flat button
Serving spoon
Kurt Franz - searving spoon
Skeleton key
Kurt Franz - large skeleton key
Strap buckle
Kurt Franz - strap buckle

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