Maryland Free-State Treasure Club
Metal Detecting

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     If you are interested in an area that may contain relics, you cannot just wander onto private property and start detecting. Police will soon arrive.

     Instead, you have to knock on some doors and present yourself well. You might just get permission to hunt some private property.

     Permission to hunt private property comes with the responsibility of procuring an agreement between the landowner and yourself. The following examples contain a variety of permission forms and liability waivers. Extracting information from each will guide you in creating your own.

Examples of permissions forms:

From the "Metal Detector For Coin Collecting" website.  (Click Here)
From the "Tidewater Coin & Relic Club" website.  (Click Here)
From the "Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters" website. (Click Here)
White's Electronics website Permission Certificate (Click here)