Permission to Metal Detect on Private Property

I, _______________________ agree to allow ______________________, to use a metal detector to search for and recover buried coins, relics and other artifacts located on my property at _____________________________
____________________________ .

In addition, I offer my service to you. If you or a family member have lost a valuable piece of jewelry or other significant metal object, I am happy to search and find it at no charge or cost to you. It is understood that recovery includes the digging of small holes which will be repaired as nearly as possible to original condition. This permission will remain in effect until such time that it is revoked in writing.

                                ________________________________ (Signature) ____________ (Date)


Liability Waiver Form

In consideration of permission to use a metal detector to search for and recover metal artifacts on the
above property, owned by ____________________________, I agree to release from all liability for personal
injury or property damage that I may suffer as the result of my searching the above property. This release is
binding and discharges said owner, his or her heirs, executors, administrators, from all actions, causes
of action, claims and demands for, upon, or by reason of any damage, loss, injury which I may sustain
while engaged in metal detecting on the owner’s property.

______________________________(Signature) _________________________________________(Address)