Permission To Metal Detect On Private Property

I, ___________________________ , the owner of the property at the address below, have given permission to the bearer of this agreement, to use a metal detector to search for and recover buried coins, relics, and other artifacts located on my property. It is understood that item recovery involves the digging of small holes, which will be repaired as nearly as possible to the land’s original condition. This permission shall remain in effect until such time that I choose to revoke it by notifying the bearer in writing, after which it is agreed that no further metal detecting will be allowed on this property.
OWNER’S NAME AND ADDRESS: ___________________________, _____________________________________

BEARER’S NAME AND ADDRESS: ___________________________, _____________________________________

PHONE ________________________ DATE: _________________________

Liability Waiver Form

In consideration of permission granted to me to search for and recover buried relics, coins and other artifacts, using a metal detector at the property address ___________________________________________ and owned or legally occupied by, ________________________________,

I, ______________________________, agree to release and discharge any and all liability claims resulting in any personal injury or property damage incurred at this site, during the period this written permission is in effect. This document shall be forever binding.