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Recovered Items

Chris and Wade Wisnom, Bob Smith find a lost engagement ring at Hart-Miller Island. Well-writen story about the "Ring Saga."

Read the "Ring Saga" here


John Vice and Dan Dean went to find a lost 45-year-old family heirloom wedding ring with great success. The shirtless man used a pinpointer to check his pool's filter with no success. John found the ring within minutes of arriving.

John Vice - Dan Dean



Frank Ziemski 07-16-18

Frank Ziemski 07-16-18

The club get a call to find a lost wedding ring. Frank Ziemski offered to help. Though the area was loaded with wire tomato cages, Frank was able to detect the ring after about 15-minutes - just before the wife came home.


Bud Lamb 04-10-18  Bud Lamb and Bob Rinker volunteered to find a well cover.


Zack Brewer 04-03-17
Member Frank Zienski caught an ad on Craigslist about a guy who lost his wedding band and figured his wife was going to have a tantrum if she found out. Member Zack Brewer lived closeby and recovered the ring in about 30-min.
Ring found by Zack Brewer


Dave Franz 11-14-16
      Was contacted to find this gold wedding band, found it in about 10 minutes.
Dave Franz 11-14-16


Zack Brewer, Darryl Fallis and Steve Cunningham 11-09-16
      A fellow in western Maryland buried 4) 4-inch x 18-inch PVC pipes filled to the brim with .999 pure silver eagle coins and ingots. When he wanted to dig them up a year later, he had no map and could find only three. It drove him crazy. He appealed to the Maryland Free-State Treasure Club for help. A small team from our club drove out to meet him. Within an hour Darryl Fallis detected the pipe much to the landowners delight, and ours - the brush behind us was the target area and the incline was 45-degrees.

Finding silver coins


Eric Ritter 11-06-16

Eric Ritter 11-06-16


Brad Johns 01-31-16
      Traveled to Gaithersburg, MD to search for a ring - 18K gold ring with diamonds dropped by mistake from a balcony. Using a chatty and noisy Fisher F-75 around EMI and cement with rebar, it took several attempts searching in 6-inches of snow and in shrubs. The final attempt, after changing frequency, Brad got an 18-20 readout which was promising. He dug out an ice block where the pinpointer sounded off. Success! The ring fell out.

Brad Johns 01-31-16


Bud Lamb 07-05-15
      While searching for lost items at the Catonsvill High School after the previous night's fireworks, Bud found some car keys and door opener which had a discount code for a store attached. Bud called the store, gave the code and his personal cell number. The store contacted the customer and gave Bud's number. Bud and the customer got togerther at a Walmart where the keys were returned.

Bud Lamb returning keys


Bill Hill, Leo Pollock 02/07/14
     A terrible house fire in Essex Maryland. A mad-at-the-world devient firebomed his neighbor's house and burned it mostly down. Bill Hill, a friend of the victim's relative, and Leo Pollock were called upon to search through the ashes for heirlooms and valuables that might have survivied the conflagration.

Bill Hill, Leo Pollock Bill Hill, Leo Pollock  Bill Hill, Leo Pollock  Bill Hill, Leo Pollock


Gary Pennington 11-22-13 - Lost wedding ring, Ricardo Da Silva, NE Washington, DC
     I was raking and pickin up leafs in my yard, and had come inside to shower. Soon thereafter, I realized that my wedding band was missing. The ring has significant sentimental value to me, as it was my father's band, who had passed away when I was 7 years old. This was one of the few items that connected me to him. My wife and I picked through a bag of leafs, handful by handful, twice, but it wasn't to be found. I searched throughout the yard, getting on my hands knees, but again to no avail. I was pretty distraught at the thought of having lost the ring. This is when I reached out to Gary at the Maryland Free-State Treasure Club. He offered to come by and look for the ring on a Saturday morning. True to his word, Gary and a colleague appeared, and began to work in the yard. Within 10 minutes of their search, I head a knock at my door. My ring had been found. My appreciation and gratitude to these gentleman is without measure.

Thank you, Ricardo


Paul Clary 08-06-13
      My nieces and I found an Archbishop Curley Class ring ('79) last month and we were able to track down the owner (he lost it around 79-80 while he worked for the county grooming the fields).


2011 - Bud Lamb
     Bud Lamb was in the Catonsville area when someone overheard him talking about metal detecting. The woman who overheard him requested that he search for a family heirloom ring that her granddaughter lost years prior on a property that dates back to 1695. Bud recovered the ring and posed for a  photo.

Bud Lamb