January 2013

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MFSTC Newsletter

Volume 4 Issue 1

On behalf of the Club Officers we wish all of our members a very happy new year.

We welcome Gary Pennington as our new Club President and he comes with new ideas and suggestions to improve the Club’s direction to benefit the membership. So we have to give him volunteer support when called upon!

We now have to recognize one of our newest member Steve Cunningham who single handedly created our new website www.marylandfreestateclub.com and continues to update and maintain it as requested by the club’s President and agreed upon by the club officers.

Our President has requested me to conserve mailing expenses by having the Newsletter sent by E-mail for those whom have a computer/laptop at home or wish to retrieve it from their local library. I am currently working on that issue for him. I might add that when you receive the new 2013 membership form please PRINT and fill it out with an e-mail address if applicable. Please note that when you receive the newsletter by e-mail there will be download attachments of member actives and other information of interest of different subject matter as well.

Reminder that the November, December and January finds and are eligible for the club’s contest board. I know for a fact that Trevor Hugunin dug a 1940”s wheat penny, and Gary dug in his pocket for a 1930’s wheat penny in “Mint “condition, (just kidding Gary) and Steve Cunningham dug a real Flying Eagle penny at a Secret Site that will be reveled at the Club Meeting so be there.

Talking about Sites to hunt Steve Zellhofer has indicated he is willing to allow two (paid up club members) to go with him onto a Civil War Site he hunts, but with some restrictions. First you may not go onto this site without his presence. Secondly you must fill all your holes professionally. Thirdly any holes you come across that are not yours, fill them in but be sure to check them first for missed relics. Forth remove and retain all dug items (horse shoes iron items etc.).

As you know Relic sites are becoming very hard to find and much less to get permission hunt, so with respect to Steve we all must abide by his simple requests if not he himself may lose his hunting privileges himself. There may be some additional information forthcoming so be sure to attend the club meeting and bring in your club dues.

The Christmas Party was a great success and we had a lot of food and deserts a special thanks to Rose Marshall with her upside down pineapple cake and I must also mention Kelsey Bialozynski had an excellent chocolate cake also.

According to the vice president of the M.A.R.S. Club Anne Arundel County is off limits to ALL County owned Properties to metal detecting - For more information contact Lance by E-mail This will have to be a all three club effort to reinstate our rights to hunt the counties property. We should not be hunting the county properties until this issue is resolved. Thank you all for your consideration in this matter. Note you may come across an individual or non-club member hunting and you may choose to inform that person of the status of hunting in the county and offer him to join our club for club member hunts etc.

That’s all for now I’ll see you at the meeting. Alvin Bud Lamb

Last updated: January 27, 2013
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