February 2013

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MFSTC Newsletter

Volume 4 Issue 2

The club wishes to welcome one of our newest members, Master Hunter Mr. George Venker who hunt’s with both a Whites MXT and Garrett AT PRO (I guess no one told him that Sonny Stewart has a Minelab Safari for sale). During my recent interview with George, he revealed that he found a 1941 silver half dollar!! I said, “in change??” “No,” he said, he dug it. I responded, “where did you dig it?” He said, “from the Ground.” Just kidding George.

WARNING! There is a new Father and Son Treasure Hunting Team in the club! Again Welcoming another one of our newest club members, Mr. Dave Hugunin. He has now teamed up with his son, Trevor, to re-write the contest board record for Most Everything! Rumor has it with a Case utility backhoe and loader Tractor, scraping off the first 6 inches of trash in Druid Hill Park. Any one can do that in about 10 minutes including Harold Dixon Jr.! And that’s my way of saying please remember to cover your holes!

Please note: The Recreational Center has moved our meeting room to the smaller room next to our old room. It is recommended that club members now enter our new room from the front main building entrance. Parking spots at the main entrance doors may be scarce at times so dropping off family members at the front entrance is always recommended and is considerate.

Our Club President, Gary Pennington, has announced that he’s planning a Club Hunt for PAID UP CLUB MEMBERS and is working closely with our webmaster Mr. Steve Cunningham in soliciting gifts for this event. So, if you have a contact from which you can get a new item and/or gift card, we’d appreciate it. We are a Team and all will Benefit.

As a reminder: the Minelab Atlantic City Hunt fee is now $35.00, but the good news is that the Kids Hunt (ages 6-13) is still only $5.00 for registered hunters. For additional information see the Minelab event flyer on their website, www.gominelabbing.com.

Additionally, Minelab is giving out some very nice gifts for a “ minelab” success story. If you hunt with a Minelab E-Trac, or Explorer XS, or Sovereign XS, like Bud Lamb, then you might have a SMALL CHANCE at a BIG GIFT if published.

President Gary Pennington has provided some historical map websites for all club members who do both Relic Hunting, Coin Hunting and Bottle hunting. they are: www.historicaerials.com and historical.mytopo.com. Thank You Gary.

Speaking of maps, rumor has it that for a dish of ice cream, Jack Pennington will tell you where he and Gary hunted at the Battle of North Point 20 years ago! And throw in apple pie, he will draw you a map too!! Just kidding Jack.

I would like the club members to start collecting newspaper clippings of up and coming events like Bottle shows ,Coin shows, Relic shows and other events that may have a personal interest to the club members. Turn them in to me at the club meetings and/or e-mail the information to Steve. We are also looking for guest speakers on club interests.

Contest Board Results: First place Gary scored 26 points to Second Place Bud’s 19 points I was out scored only because my Minelab ETrac was in the shop for repairs and a lot of LUCK on Gary’s part! But Howard was on my heels big time in 3rd Place with 18 Points with some very nice finds from the pawn Shop. Just kidding again Howard. For Relic’s, it’s Steve once again in First Place with 15 points and we have a new challenger (10 year old), Austin, in Second Place with 8 points and me again in third Place with 4 points. Who won the vote for club favorite again? None other than, that’s right, Austin with a old beer tap he found, and I personally was on site when he recovered it.

Bud Lamb is looking for a roommate to share expenses on the Minelab Atlantic city hunt on May 18th and 19th. I have a hotel room already on reserve.

C. U. Later,
Bud Lamb

Last updated: February 27, 2013
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