March 2013

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MFSTC Newsletter

Volume 4 Issue 3

The club membership wishes to Welcome new club members: Paul Clary, Tina Cunningham, Mike Lewis, Daniel Rose.

Guests also attending were: Miss Olivia Corrwell, Matthew Kreager, Mike McGuirk and Jose-andrea Sagripanti

Please Note: For those New Paid Members who received the club’s membership Card at the February club meeting but did not fill out the club membership form Please go to our website at to download and complete all the requested information on the membership form and present it at the next club meeting on March 26th. While at the website, please click on the various links to familiarize yourself with the wealth of useful information and wonders of this creative website. Thank You Steve Cunningham.

Please Note: As purposed by our club president Gary Pennington and ratified by the majority of the club members the monthly newsletter will now be e-mailed to those members who indicated an e-mail address. Hard copies of the newsletter will be available at the club meetings and on the club’s website which may be downloaded at any public library to be viewed and or printed out.

Club members will now be happy to learn that there is a new sign-in sheet that has your name and current e-mail address preprinted with columns for initials, and any update changes. So please review this new sign-in sheet for any corrections. Again our thanks to Steve Cunningham for this effort.

The results of just one of the March club-member outings with Jim Bialoznski (using the basic Whites Coinmaster), Steve Cunningham and Gary Pennington (both using a Whites DFX) and Alvin Bud Lamb (using a Tesoro Cortes with a 6 inch coil) along with invited guest Matthew Kreager (using a Minelab E-trac with special Killer Programs). For how else could he beat me for most recovered nickels?? Oration, instructions, and observations by club officers on proper target extractions to secure a park permit was verified for our guest Matthew Kreager. Gary cashed out with over $8.00, I believe Steve was next with about $5 or $6 dollars in change, and Jim had about $5 or $6 in change and Matthew had at least $4 or $5 in change, and I was the biggest winner with 25 cents because I was targeting for GOLD RINGS ONLY. Not this time, but I will continue to hunt in LOW DISCRIMINATION and seek out the TRASHY AREAS as one gold ring has more value then all of the collected coins of that hunt. Did you get the message??

Additional benefits of joining the Free-State Club: Members will receive invitations to club member outings, and members new to the hobby will receive a personal oration as well as a hands-on metal detecting instruction on target recovery (as linked on our web page with an emphasis on our club membership support group) and obtaining the proper city/county permits. Additionally, a “Fast Track” information sheet and verbal tips on metal detecting, equipment, recommended reading materials, maps, and other sources for coins, civil war relic’s, water/beach searches and bottles just to mention a few.

The club is seeking a Program Committee Group of volunteers to make outside speaker contacts on club interests such as coin dealers, bottle collectors, book, map collectors, and asking fellow members for a short talk and display of finds etc.

The club has also created a monthly food-patron sign-up sheet

Club flyers are in the works and may be available for store distribution in the very near future.

T-Shirts, club car bumper stickers and window stickers are also being sought out for pricing. If you have any sources please contact Bud Lamb.

Mini-Hunts before the May-June–July meetings are in the works (volunteers may be asked to help out on small preparations).

A Second 50/50 Drawing Prize will be donated by Bud Lamb (Get your tickets early).

Donations of new items for both the second 50/50 drawings, or the up-and-coming mini hunts will be accepted.

A special thanks goes out to Austin (10-years-old ) and father Jim Bialozski for Volunteering for locker duty. And a very special birthday wish for wife Kim.

I wish to say that the club membership also appreciates Harold Stewart for stepping up as club Treasurer and for his donations of time and money.

Not to be forgotten, Howard Shettle, our contest board volunteer who runs a fair board. Make sure to get your monthly finds on the board early and chat later!

For the most part I would say our club President Gary Pennington and webmaster Steve Cunningham, along with the other club officers Harold Stewart and Howard Shettle, have really worked hard in re-inventing our club. On behalf of the club officers we wish to thank you, the club’s members, for all of your continued support.

Last Reminder - the new meeting time will be at 7:00pm March 26th, 2013.

C U There!
Alvin Bud Lamb

Last updated: March 27, 2013
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