April 2013

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MFSTC Newsletter

Volume 4 Issue 4

Hello fellow club members,

I first wish to thank ALL of the club members for your kindness, prayers, calls and visit’s while I was in the hospital recovering from what could have been a life-threatening medical condition.

I must thank Steve Cunningham, Gary Pennington, Howard Shuttle and Harold “ Sonny” Stewart for e-mails and updates for the April newsletter while I was in the hospital.

The club Welcomes our newest members, George Dowell of Sykesville, Md., William M. Hill of Baltimore, Md., Jim McKinney of Essex, Md., James “ Rick” Pack of Glen Burnie, Md., Michael Thomas of Churchville, Md., Christine Wisnom of Baltimore, Md., and long-time member and Master Hunter and gold prospector John Calzone.

Contest results:
Coins: Howard Shettle in first place, Austin Bialozynski in second, and Trevor Hugunin in third place.
Relics: Steve Zellhofer in first place, Howard Shettle in second and Steve Cunningham in third place.
Club Favorite:      Howard Shettle.
50/50 drawing results:

  • First drawing - Howard Shettle $ 20.00
  • Second drawing - Trevor Hugunin $ 20.00

Treasure’s Report: $ 1,024.00 for April.

As I said so many times, it pays to attend the meetings.

A Special Thank You to John Calzone for the donation of three earbuds to the club.

I heard that one of our newest club members, Jose-Luis, last month found a beautiful
silver bracelet using his Fisher Gold Bug metal detector with the small 5-inch coil during one of the club’s many outings. Good Job Jose-Luis

Newsletter reporter, Steve Cunningham, has emailed me the James Welling Park club outing results that was attended by nine club members and guests. Bill Wise found a very nice silver ring and a wheat penny among numerous clads, Paul Clary found a wheat penny and plenty of clad coins also. Mark Krieger found an area that produced lots of quarters. Christine Wisnom was accompanied by her husband, Wade, who became her personal digger. The big winner was young Connor Krieger (Mark’s son) who found a miniature plastic Orioles batter’s hat. Good Job Conner!

If you are interested or new to the metal detecting hobby, I will be available to give you some Fast Tracking basic 101 metal detecting tips. A metal detector will be provided for the on-hand field instructions and park permit certification. Call me, Alvin “Bud“ Lamb, at 443-655-2908 or e-mail me at … for an appointment time.

Remember, a mini-hunt will start at 6:30 pm Tuesday, before the regular meeting, for the NO DIGGING hunt at the Victory Villa grounds, so bring your metal detectors and pinpointers. The regular meeting starts at 7 pm.

There is a grrreat program planned for tonight, and I will be there also to tell anyone who is willing to listen about my stay in the VA Hospital. I will provide a sign-up sheet, as well.

C. U. later,
Alvin “ Bud “ Lamb

Last updated: April 27, 2013
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