June 2022

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MFSTC Newsletter

Volume 6 Issue 54

COVID-19 guidelines were in effect. Face masks are optional. No limit on the number of attendees. In person meetings will be conducted on the last Thursday of each Month at 7:00 PM at Victory Villa Community Center

Mini Hunt: We will have a Mini Hunt at 6:30 PM Before every monthly meeting until further notice.

More cool stuff - Those who found certain tokens in our mini hunt received a large red Minelab tote bag.

Refreshments: Mike has decided to make pizza a mainstay at our meetings.

The in Person meeting was called to order at 7:11 PM by President, Mike McCullough. Mike introduced the club officers, Mr. Gary Pennington, Vice President, Steve Cunningham – Treasurer, membership chair and Web Master and Mr. Tom Burleson, Secretary and News Letter. Mike acknowledged all of the volunteers and thanked them for their service.

Thank You: Carol and Ed for helping with the raffles, Dwayne Meanor (Bear) for taking care of the board and Kevin Weis for handing out the door prize tickets. A special thanks to Steve Cunningham for all the work he had to do getting his computer updated. This had to be done so he could continue to run our website.

Next Month Club Outing: July 9th at Sandy PointFor more details contact Dwayne Meanor (Bear)

Donations: Bob Corn Donated $200.00 to the club and Mark Krieger Donated some items for the door prizes.

Presentation – Mike McCullough made PowerPoint presentation titled “The History Behind The Finds”. Included in this topic were presentations of personal histories, glassware, and pottery, all incidental outcomes of his interest in metal detecting and results of recent outings since our May meeting. Mike has spent a lot of private time organizing a presentation for every month. Thank you Mike!

Treasurers Report: Steve Cunningham reported an account balance of $ 585.41

Attendance: 29

Guest: Dave Farzi, Dave Metzler, and Chris Carothers

New Members: Bruce McMillion and James Forsythe.

Buddy List: This is a list of people needing or giving assistance with their type of Metal Detector. Anyone is interested in joining the Buddy list see Andy Cooper.

Gold and Diamond Testing: See Nathan Pressler or Evan Werner if you need something checked out.

Merchandise Sales: See Nathan Pressler

Special Raffle Item - We raffled an Eagle breastplate from the Shenandoah Valley and five spoke-based minis from Henrico County recovered by D. Hitchcock.

We have to take in a certain amount before we announce the winner.

Leg of Monthly Winner: Brian Snyder

Silver Round:****: Kevin Weis

50/50 Raffle: Nathan Pressler

Relic Contest: 1st Mark Krieger, 2nd Kevin Weis.

Coin Contest: 1st Mike McCullough,2nd John Curtis , 3rd Kevin Weis , 4th Tie between Karl Reiman and Dave Ferazzi

Club Favorite: Steve Zulich (Rein Guide).

Clad: 1st John Curtis, 2nd Dwayne Meanor.

Club Outings: The June club outing was held on Saturday June 4th at Druid Hill Park.

U****p Coming Detecting Hunts: Old Dominion Relic hunt November 5th.

New Activities: for 2022 Three scavenger hunts will be conducted in 2022, in the months of February, May and October. Brass tokens will be buried in January, April and September, and when discovered, traded for coins. Clues for each hunt will be distributed at the meetings.

_February Scavenger Hunt Winner:_Ed Stratton

_May Scavenger Hunt Winner:_Ed Stratton

Members-only Hunt and Family Picnic - Mike has reserved the pavilion for October 8. Please mark your calendars now. Registration will become available closer to that date.

Information onMetal Detecting Permits for Baltimore City and Baltimore County can be found on our web sitemarylandfreestateclub.com

Next Club Meetings: July 28th, 2022 starting at 6:30PM for the Mini Hunt followed by the Meeting at 7:00 PM.

Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 PM

Last updated: June 30, 2022
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