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Rules for the Monthly Contest Board,
Leg-of-Gold, and Find of the Year

Contest Board

Every month members place items on the Board. Points are awarded by our Contest Board Judge.

The rules are as follows:
1) You must be a member of the Maryland Free-State Treasure Club to enter the Contest Board. All items placed on the Contest Board MUST be found either within the last month or since the last month that the Contest Board was available. Each item is accompanied by a tag bearing the member's name.

2) There are three divisionsCoins and JewelryRelics, and Club Favorite. Coins and Jewelry are divided into categories such as penny, nickel, dime etc. relics are bullets, buttons, etc. Jewelry is a category under Coins and Jewelry. The Club Favorite may be any interesting item that does not fit into the categories.

3) You may enter only one item in each category, and in the Club Favorite.

4) Point system:
     A. 1st place in each category = 5 points
     B. 2nd place in each category = 3 points
     C. 3rd place in each category = 1 point

5) Monthly prizes for each division:    
     When the points for each category are totaled for each name:
          1st place (most points) = 1 Silver half
          2nd Place = 1 Silver quarter
          3rd place = 1 Silver dime
     Club Favorite winner: Silver half

6) Relic categories Bullets, Buttons, and Plates must be Civil War period or before and must be military. The person with the most in each category will be 1st 2nd most is second and 3rd most is third. The contest judge has final say on all entries in all categories.

7) Jewelry category: All jewelry must be marked gold or silver, e.g. 14k, .925, etc. The person with the most Jewelry is first place, 2nd most is second and 3rd most is third.

8) Coin category: Oldest dated coin in each category wins first place, 2nd oldest is second 3rd oldest is third place. All coins with no date must use the last year it was minted.

9) Club Favorite: Members present at each meeting are eligible to vote for the Club Favorite. The find with the most votes will win a silver half. In the event of a tie, both finds will win a silver half

10) Leg-of-Gold: Members present at each meeting are eligible to enter the Leg-of-Gold contest. A member will enter their name on a piece of paper and place it in the Leg-of-Gold container. One (name) will be drawn at each meeting except December and recorded. Monthly winners along with members who volunteer for a yearly committee post will be eligible. The member whose name gets drawn at the December meeting will win a 1/10-oz gold coin.

11) Members in good standing who cannot attend a meeting are still eligible to enter their finds on the Contest Board via another member; however, proxy voting is not permitted.

12) Find of the Year: The Find of the year will be voted on at the December meeting. A member may enter 1 item that was displayed on the Contest Board during the current year only. Members will vote for the entries to decide the winner.

Updated 11/27/2019


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