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Open Treasure Hunts
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OPEN TREASURE HUNTS are actually competition hunts. You pay a registration fee for the main events and often an extra fee for optional events. Prizes such as silver coins are buried in the hunt field along with tokens redeemed later for mostly valuable prizes. Registrants line up facing the hunt field and when the signal is given, they try to find as many targets as possible before the field is depleted. Since targets are usually shallow, this can happen rather quickly. No matter what your experience level is, everyone has a chance at some very lucrative prizes. Most contestants come away with prizes valued at more than their entrance fee. Prizes may include lots of coins (usually silver), artifacts, gold, silver, metal detectors and gear.

CLOSED TREASURE HUNTS are also competition hunts but only certain groups may register; e.g., clubs. These hunts may also be called "members' hunts."

Our annual list of upcoming OPEN TREASURE HUNTS is populated as we receive the information.


2017 ________________________________________

May 06, Va. Beach, VA. 30th Annual Tidewater Coin and Relic Club Open Hunt. Info

April 01, Orlando, Fl. Central Florida Sunshine Shootout and Relic Hunt. Info

April 8, Lancaster, PA. Lancaster Search and Recovery Club open treasure hunt. Info

May 6,7, Emporium, PA. Dirt Digging PA Third Annual Treasure Hunt. Info

May 20, 21, East Coast Research and Discovery Association open treasure hunt. Info

June 10, 11, New Stanton, PA, Silver Seekers open treasure hunt. Info

July 8 - 15, New Stanton, PA, Treasure Week 2017. Info

August 12, Tunkhannock, PA - Black Diamond’s 2016 33th Annual Treasure Hunt. Info

September 16, Annapolis, MD. Maryland Artifact Recovery Society (M.A.R.S.) Silver Frenzy IV. Info here.

September 17, Annapolis, MD. Maryland Free-State Treasure Club Open Hunt 2017. Info

October 28-29, F.M.D.A.C. open hunts and Civil War show. Info


2016 ________________________________________

2016 April 16, Lancaster County Central Park, Kiwanis 22. Lancaster Research & Recovery Club Open Hunt 2016.

April 23-24, Blacksburg, SC. 2016 Teasure Hunt of the Carolinas.

May 14, Va. Beach, VA. 29th Annual Tidewater Coin and Relic Club Open Hunt.

May 14, West Pennsboro Township Fire Comp, PA. Central Pennsylvania Metal Detecing Club Memorial Open Hunt.

May 14-15, New Stanton, PA. 4th Annual Silver Seekers Open Hunt.

May 21 and 22, Ocean City, NJ. East Coast Research and Discovery Association Seventh Annual Treasure Hunt.

May 28-29, Stoney Creek Ontario, Canada. 2016 Southern Ontario Metal Detecting Beach Hunt.

July 9 - 16, New Stanton, PA - Treasure Week sponsored by various manufactures. Hunts every day.

July 24-30, Vallonia, IN - Southern Indiana Annual Treasure Fest.

August 13, Tunkhannock, PA - Black Diamond’s 2016 33th Annual Treasure Hunt.

August 20-21, New Concord, OH - 37th Annual Buckeye Championship Treasure Hunt.

September 17, Long Branch, NJ - Silver Anniversary! Deep Search Metal Detecting Club 25th Annual Open Beach Treasure Hunt.

October 8, Annapolis, MD. Maryland Artifact Recovery Society (M.A.R.S.) Silver Frenzy III.

October 9, Annapolis, MD - The Maryland Free-State Treasure Club Treasure Hunt 2016. "Diamonds of the Sahara"