RECOVERY - Gary Pennington finds a lost ring!

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Metal Detectorist makes a recovery!

Gary Pennington

I was raking and picking up leafs in my yard, and had come inside to shower. Soon thereafter, I realized that my wedding band was missing. The ring has significant sentimental value to me, as it was my father’s band, who had passed away when I was 7 years old. This was one of the few items that connected me to him. My wife and I picked through a bag of leafs, handful by handful, twice, but it wasn’t to be found. I searched throughout the yard, getting on my hands knees, but again to no avail. I was pretty distraught at the thought of having lost the ring. This is when I reached out to Gary at the Maryland Free-State Treasure Club. He offered to come by and look for the ring on a Saturday morning. True to his word, Gary and a colleague appeared, and began to work in the yard. Within 10 minutes of their search, I head a knock at my door. My ring had been found. My appreciation and gratitude to these gentleman is without measure.

Thank you, Ricardo

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