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Asking for permission ...

Metal Detecting Permissions

My we have permission to Metal Detect on your Property?

Are you interested in the history of your land? Finding out what lies beneath our feet can tell us more about the rich tapestry of its past and in turn will add to the heritage of the area. We are interested in the history of your region and look for coins / objects and artifacts using a state of the art metal detector, so I am writing to ask for access to your land for Myself and another Hobbyist for this purpose.

We are seasoned Metal Detector Hobbyists, and members of the Federation of Metal Detectors and Archeological Clubs, Inc. and follow stringently the code of conduct as laid down by the National Council of Metal Detecting in pursuit of my hobby.

You can rest assured that we always respect your property and leave it in the same condition as it was found. We know how busy you must be so rather than knock on your door unannounced, we prefer to make this first contact electronically.

We’ll be grateful if you will grant permission and would appreciate the opportunity of a meeting or a telephone conversation during which any questions you may have can be addressed.

You may also be interested to learn that we offer a FREE RECOVERY SERVICE to anyone that has lost a ring, necklace or any metal keepsake. We’ll be quite happy to assist in recovery whether you grant access to your land for detecting or not. All we ask is a photo of you and your newly found treasure for the website and your permission to detect on your property.

If you were interested, we would be more than happy for you to accompany us on our first outing on your land. A spare machine may be available for the day to give you an insight into what makes the Metal Detecting Hobby so fascinating and rewarding

Examples of permissions forms:

Example 01 - From the “Metal Detector For Coin Collecting” website

Example 02 - From the “Tidewater Coin & Relic Club” website

Example 03 - From the “Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters” website

Example 04 - White’s Electronics website Permission Certificate

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