All About our Metal Detecting Club

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The Maryland Free-State Treasure Club took root in 1971 when a group of friends got together regularly to pursue a common interest - metal detecting.


Eventually, a meeting place was needed to show-off the myriad finds they were collecting. After years of meeting at each other’s houses, the number of detecting partners increased enough to warrant a centralized and monthly location.

After trying various types of venues, The Middle River Recreation and Parks building at 404 Compass Rd in Essex, Maryland, otherwise known as Victory Villa, became the most logical choice.

That was over 30 years ago: at present, in 2014, some of the original members still attend our monthly meetings at Victory Villa.

Today, the Maryland Free-State Treasure Club represents more than getting together for a few hours of detecting!

We represent a community of environmentally conscious hobbyists who leave no trace of their activities and properly dispose of all trash we might unearth; We teach members about the equipment, accessories, tips, techniques and offer the opportunity to find new detecting partners and friends; We’re involved with community service and public education.

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