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Metal Detecting Tips and Tricks to make your life easier!

Metal Detecting Tips
Adjusting the White’s Bullseye TRX Pinpointer

Setting the sensitivity on the Whites TRX

Below are some helpful points that may not be in the user manual of the TRX. These came from the Whites Forum.

Sensitivity control: Here are the general settings for sensitivity - the default is 3. Intended to be about 3.5". Sensitivity 1 = Bullseye II depth (about 1"), sensitivity 2 = Garrett ProPointer depth (about 2"), sensitivity 4 = around 4-4.5" - and it is likely to false on this setting, but some areas may be able to use it. It’s not in the manual obviously. But here is how to get there:

First option: Go into config press and hold the button through the power down beep until you get to the taDAH beep for config.

Release and repress the button. Hold the button for 5 seconds. The indicators will indicate your sensitivity setting.

The first set of beeps will indicate your current sensitivity setting you should hear 3 beeps for the default sensitivity being 3 The next set of beeps will be the next one 4 beeps for sens 4, the next will be the next one wrap around to 1 beep for sens 1 then release the button at the sensitivity level you want to be at. Might help you out in the tot lots.


Control Priority: If you find yourself wanting to change sensitivity more than once and you want it on the “main menu” without that 5 second delay, there is a test mode which all it does is move the “menus” around.

  1. Go to config mode
  2. Release the button and then press and release 3 times.
  3. Wait for config exit - you should get a dadadaDAH jingle. Now your menus are switched around unless you do a factory reset (more later)
  4. Go to config mode
  5. Keep holding the button down - the sensitivity is the first menu rather than the indicators. release the button when you get to the sensitivity you want.

In this mode, the first menu is sensitivity. 2nd menu (release button after config and press and hold) is the indicator adjust.

Audio Adjustment: 3rd menu (release button after config, press and release once and press and hold) is audio adjust. This adjusts the frequency of your audio - so if you hear a lower frequency better than the one that the pinpointer is set to, you can find one that might be better. It has a very limited range, so it’s possible that there won’t be any difference.

Factory Reset: If you want to put it back to the menu system that it came with, you can do a factory reset. This will reset everything - except the audio frequency - back to how it came from the factory. Go to config, release and press the button 6 times.

Removing a Stuck Coil Cover
  1. How to Remove a Stuck Cover
  2. Unplug the wire and remove the tube and coil from your detector to make the job easier to manage.
  3. Get the seam between coil and cover wet with hot water. Carefully warm the cover with a hair dryer.
  4. Now pry the cover with your fingernails working your way around. Keep it wet. Don’t pull on the tube or you might snap off one of the tube channels on the coil. Instead, use the center of the coil as a fulcrum as you pry. Keep warming the cover.
  5. If this doesn’t work, wedge a very thin-tipped screwdriver or a thin piece of plastic between the coil and cover. Carefully work it all the way around the outside of the coil to loosen the cement-like grit. Don’ pry with the screwdriver or you might chip the cover which will allow more dirt to enter the next time you hunt.
  6. It might take awhile to coax a recalcitrant cover from the coil without damaging it.
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