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The Maryland Free-State Treasure Club can provide the necessary Baltimore City Metal Detecting Permit Application certification for those who have demonstrated proper digging techniques.

Baltimore City Metal Detecting Permit
What you need:

Complete online permit process for Baltimore City Click here.

1) Before we certify your Baltimore City Metal Detecting Permit Application, you must demonstrate to us the ability to dig a six-inch hole in the turf outside using a digging tool (we will provide one) and correctly repair it, leaving no trace. For proper target recovery techniques click here.

2) Print and complete the Baltimore City Metal Detecting Permit Application and read the rules associated with it.
Download the Baltimore City Metal Detecting Permit Application 2016 here.

3) Have your application certified by a Maryland Free-State Treasure Club officer. This involves stamping and signing the application at our meetings or monthly outings.

Or you can email a copy of the permit to Steve Cunningham at [email protected] to get the stamp and signature. Steve will email it back.

4) Obtain a $25 money order payable to "Director of Finance" and keep it with your application. They do not accept personal checks. Where does the money go? It goes directly to the Parks! NOT the city coffers.

5) Bring or mail the application to:
Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks
Permit Office
3201 Boston St
Baltimore, MD 21224. (one story building on the water - knock if door is locked)
Phone: 410-396-7070.
The office is closed Thursday - Open Mon, Tues, Wed and Friday 9am-4pm.

6) If you mail the application and money order, keep a receipt of your money order with you while metal detecting to show that you've paid your money. Snail Mail can be slow.

7) Renewals: One need only submit a previous Baltimore City Metal Detecting Permit and a money order for $25 made out to "Director of Finance" to obtain a continuation. The money goes to the parks regardeless of the payee.


8) Commonly asked questions:

Is the permit based on a calendar year?

No. The permit is good for one year from the time you get it, and renewable thereafter.

I have a green permit from the days when you only had to pay once for a lifetime privledge to metal detect in Baltimore City Parks.

Things have changed. You now have to renew yearly.


Maryland Free-State Treasure Club
Victory Villa Community Center
Middle River Recreation and Parks building
404 Compass Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21220
410-887-0258 View Map

Baltimore County Metal Detecting Permit Application
What you will need

1) Get the Baltimore County Metal Detecting Permit here.

2) Read the rules associated with the application.

3) There is no charge for the Baltimore County Metal Detecting Permit.

4) You do not need a to be certified by the M.F.S.T.C.
5) The Permit is only good for a year and must be renewed when expired.

6) Mail County permit applications to:
Nick Behe
404 Compass Rd E,
Middle River, MD 21220

This is timely information and may change.

All other Counties: Contact the local Recreation and Parks office.

State Park Rules - No Metal Detecting - Bad news if you're caught.